ic-transition-duration - The Poll Attribute


The ic-transition-duration attribute tells Intercooler to wait the specified amount of time after applying the ic-transitioning class to the target element and then executing the content swap, which gives a CSS transition time to complete.


The value of the attribute should a valid integer, followed by the string "s" (for seconds) or "ms" (for milliseconds). (e.g. ic-transition-duration="100ms" indicates that the server should be polled every 100 milliseconds.)


ic-transition-duration has no dependency implications.


Here is a simple example, where the inner content is faded in and out on a button:

    #transition-2 span {
      transition: all .9s;

    #transition-2.ic-transitioning span {
      opacity: 0;

  <a id="transition-2" ic-transition-duration="1s" class="btn btn-primary" ic-post-to="/transition_2"><span>Click Me!</span></a>

Click Me!