ic-pause-polling - The Pause Polling Attribute


The ic-pause-polling attribute tells Intercooler to not poll in the presence of an ic-poll attribute. This can be used to implement a Pause/Play UI.


The value of the attribute should be true or false


ic-pause-polling has no dependency implications.


Here is a simple Pause/Play UI that starts in a paused state, and can be started by clicking the play button:

  <div ic-prepend-from="/poll" ic-poll="1s" ic-target="#content" ic-pause-polling="true">
      <div class="btn btn-default" ic-post-to="/play"><i class="fa fa-play"></i></div>
      <div class="btn btn-default" ic-post-to="/pause"><i class="fa fa-pause"></i></div>
    <div id="content" ic-limit-children="5">