Intercooler 1.2.2 Released
29 March 2019

I have released intercooler v1.2.2, available on the main site, as well as through bower and NPM.

Changes in this release are:

  • Added ic-enhance attribute, which enhances standard anchor and form tags with the intercooler equivalent attributes, allowing for graceful degradation in non-javascript environments.
  • Added ic-global-indicator attribute, which sets a global indicator to be shown when a request is in flight, even along side any local indicators specified by the triggering element.
  • Added ic-switch-class attribute, which switches a class between siblings when an intercooler request is caused within one. This can be uses, for example, to update the “active” state of tabs without replacing the tab UI.
  • LeadDyno.startPolling() and LeadDyno.stopPolling() were added to the Javascript API
  • Added X-IC-Title-Encoded response header to handle URI encoded titles for international users
  • Removed the legacy debugger
  • Bug fixes

Enjoy, and thanks for using intercooler!

Carson / @carson_gross

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