Intercooler 1.2.0 Released
27 October 2017

I have released intercooler v1.2.0, available on the main site, as well as through bower and NPM.

Changes in this release are:

  • ic-disable-when-doc-hidden and ic-disable-when-doc-inactive attributes allow you to pause polling when a browser isn’t active
  • ic-fix-ids tells intercooler to make id’s unique in a document dynamically
  • Better support for last-clicked elements in forms
  • Added timeout: syntax for ic-trigger-on attribute
  • Added four additional local action attributes:
    • ic-action-beforeSend
    • ic-action-success
    • ic-action-error
    • ic-action-complete

    These actions are fired during the jQuery AJAX life cycle.

Enjoy, and thanks for using intercooler!

Carson / @carson_gross

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