Intercooler 1.1.0 Released
17 February 2017

I have released intercooler v1.1.1, available on the main site, as well as through bower and NPM.

zepto.js Support!

The biggest change in this release is that we now support zepto as an alternative to jQuery as a base library. Zepto + intercooler comes in at ~18kB total, allowing you to build intercooler-based applications with a smaller javascript infrastructure than almost all the other major javascript libraries out there (vue.js is 23kB), and, of course, you won’t need to write much additional javascript at all, so your total javascript footprint can be quite small while still providing the user experience modern web sites require.

Other changes in this release are:

  • We respect intercooler response headers even when error response codes are sent to the client (e.g. X-IC-Redirect on a 401 response)
  • We support a timed value (e.g. “200ms”) for the X-IC-Remove header, to allow a CSS transition
  • We serialize javascript objects used in ic-include JSON form, allowing for more complex data to be included in requests
  • We now include form values when a form causes a GET
  • We now have unit tests running against jQuery v1, v2 and v3
  • jQuery 3 is now the documented option

Carson / @carson_gross

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