Angular Intercooler Comparison
27 January 2015

This tutorial walks through the Angular JS tutorial and shows you the corresponding intercooler concepts.


To bootstrap intercooler, include the source from the download page.


There are no injectors in intercooler.


There are no scopes in intercooler.

Static Templates

There are no templates in intercooler.

Angular Dynamic Templates

There are no templates in intercooler.


There are no models in intercooler.


There are no controllers in intercooler.


There are no modules in intercooler.

Filtering Repeaters

There are no filtering repeaters in intercooler.

Two-way Data Binding

There is no two-way data binding in intercooler.

XHRs & Dependency Injection

You don’t need to deal with XHRs in intercooler.

There is no dependency injection in intercooler.

Prefix Naming Convention

There is no prefix naming convention in intercooler.

There are no minification issues in intercooler.

Routing & Multiple Views

There is no routing in intercooler.

There is nothing special about multiple views in intercooler.


There are no filters in intercooler.

Event Handlers

There is not a custom event mechanism in intercooler. Just use JQuery.

REST and Custom Services

There is nothing special about REST-ful end points in intercooler.

There is no need for a custom services in intercooler.

Applying Animations

Use the ic-adding and ic-removing classes and CSS3 animations to specify an animation in intercooler.

The End

That’s it! You now know how Angular and intercooler compare with one another, and how to port an Angular application to intercooler!

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